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Choosing the most suitable dedusting equipment (ESP, Bag Filter, Bag House, Scrubber, and Cyclone).
Decreasing and controlling the amount of outlet dust.
Improvement of dedusting equipment efficiency.
Energy audit (electrical and thermal suggestions and solutions).
Implementation of an online monitoring system.
Implementation of the environmental feasibility study

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At present, with POM software, it is possible to check and prepare performance reports on electrofilters and filter bags of factories. These reports are based on the available data monitored in the factory and the control room of the collection. The professional and technical team of PARSPION, with the benefit of years of experience, has achieved an intelligent control system that can check the received data, receive the necessary warnings in a timely manner and through the online dashboard that can be viewed at any time and on any device. The key people of the factory will also be able to view the necessary information via SMS on their phone.

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