PARSPION - Pars Explanatory Pioneers...  The Pioneer Lighting Corporation, a company with a number of experts in the field of filtration of air pollution control systems, began its activities officially. The board of directors of this company, which itself is one of the pioneers in the field of dusts systems in Iran's heavy industry such as steel, copper, cement, etc., has provided the company with the brightest pioneers of the company, which practically created a vacuum and engineer for inspection, design, construction , Installation and commissioning, optimization, maintenance and repairs in the country and to improve the environmental conditions of Iran in the course of the program. To achieve this goal, the company has developed its own knowledge of biotechnology, such as the education and training of industry professionals, as well as Creating the necessary infrastructure has been able to meet the needs of the K The authors will meet their desires as appropriate. This is the subject of appreciation and appreciation of this company in different sections.


Green Industry - Clean Earth

The Mineral industry has significantly developed in the recent years and tends to specialize its engineering services in the industry sector. Accordingly, the bioenvironmental standards and factories obliged to improve pollution conditions have led some specialists and the competent companies directors to establish a unique company in Iran filtration sector for consultation, engineering, maintenance, repair, installation and commissioning dust collector equipment. The large number of the company services, contracts and the employees' satisfaction during the time indicate the high quality of the services and customer loyalty.


POMS - Online Monitoring

Do you need to continuously monitor your industrial equipment / machine / system? Maybe you care about uptime. Maybe you’re more focused on maintenance costs. Maybe something else entirely. Whatever the reason, if you haven’t found an off-the-shelf solution that meets your needs, you’ll want to consider this path.


Cement - Clinker Exports

Iran exported 11.4 million tons of cement and clinker during the first eight months of the current Iranian year (March 21-Nov. 21, 2019) to register a 22% rise compared with last year’s corresponding period, figures released by the Iranian Mines and Mining Industries Development and Renovation Organization show. Iran's cement and clinker were exported to 37 countries, with 10 countries accounting for 78% of the total volume. Cement and clinker are raw materials used in cement production. Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Kazakhstan and Russia, according to Secretary of Iran's Cement Association Abdolreza Sheikhan, are major destinations for Iranian cement, while Iraq, Sri Lanka, Kuwait, India, the UAE, Kenya, China and Oman are among the main buyers of Iranian clinker.

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Knowledge Base

The engineering sector is made up of a wide range of industries (including fabricated metal products, industrial machinery and equipment, electronics and other electrical equipment, transportation equipment, and instruments and related products). As a result, the knowledge base of the engineering sector may be viewed as a set of complex and overlapping systems, each focused on a particular (generic) technology or area of economic activity.

Clear Horizon

Short and long terms cooperation of the company members with important filter producing companies throughout the world such as ELEX, Flsmidth Airtech, Schuch, Intensive, Redecam and state companies such as Noavaran Sanat Sabz Pars, JDVES and Shayan Tarh gave the Pars Explanatory Pioneers company the knowledge to design, modify and fabricate different dust collectors. Therefore, we managed to prove our ability in the delivery phase and inform the employer the powerful and weak points of the related equipment. In addition to using the executive services of the complex the employer has access to engineering information, technical knowledge related to the equipment with experiences regarding installation, commissioning, maintenance and repair more than two hundred dust collectors in different industries such as steel, cement, copper, etc.

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We want to try to have a better world by relying on years of experience and expertise of PARSPION members. In this regard, we can provide reliable and comprehensive services to your factory. Just call us and announce the need. Our team will be by your side in the shortest possible time, until the end of the work.


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