Solenoid Valve

PARSPION - Solenoid Valve
One of the basic methods of cleaning bags is to use a jet pulse system.
Solenoid Valve is one of the main components of the jet pulse system, a device that is responsible for cleaning bags with the help of electricity and fluid flow, and consists of two parts: valve (main body) and electric coil that can cut off and connect the current Is being composed. Choosing the right solenoid valve is important to increase system efficiency, increase bag life, and reduce maintenance costs. Factors influencing the selection of a suitable solenoid valve include the volume of the compressed air tank, the amount of fluid flow in each pulse and the working pressure.
The solenoid valves used are often in sizes 1, 1-1/2, 2, 2-1/2 inches.
According to the working conditions and the needs of the system, the solenoid valve body is selected from aluminum, steel, etc.
The main manufacturers of solenoid valves are Asco, Autel and Turbo.

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