PARSPION - Pars Explanatory Pioneers

The PARSPION Company was launched with the aim of preserving the environment by cleaning factories by young and motivated engineers.

The path taken by the PARSPION to date

Starting The Company

Our Group officially started its work in 1390 Shamsi (2011 AD), with the aim of providing engineering and consulting services in the mining industry, especially in the field of environmental projects and filtration, with the help of a number of industry veterans. The target arms of this complex, both inside the country and in neighboring countries such as the CIS and Gulf countries, were mostly mining industries such as cement, steel, aluminum, copper and other mining industries.

Growth Story

Considering the very valuable potentials in the country, both in the field of technical knowledge, mines and human resources, and considering that until today, the company did not have a specialized and centralized strategy to integrate all the existing infrastructures and potentials in the country. Pishgaman took advantage of the opportunity to launch the complex and in recent years has not only covered and organized customers and employers in the country, but also managed to implement successful projects in Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Oman and Iraq. Is. It has also defined cooperation agreements and relations with foreign companies, including Russian and European companies, in order to upgrade its technical knowledge and access to modern technology, so that it can update its technical knowledge and provide unique services to employers.

Use Modern Technology

POM PARSPION Online Monitoring software, for final maintenance, especially through preventive repairs, in order to increase the use and efficiency of factory facilities and equipment, significantly reduce maintenance costs with evaluation and planning, in a completely intelligent manner with interest drawing on years of experience of experts in the field of information technology as well as the use of global standards designed.


Also considering the pollution in the development of the mining industry and that development without looking at the environment will not be practically a sustainable development and also considering the signing of international agreements by Iran according to which Iran is required to produce in line with the indicators In line with its environmental mission, Our group has put the necessary services to all mining industries in line with production in accordance with international standards and indicators and in accordance with international treaties.


Considering the very valuable infrastructure of the country from the perspective of God-given mines and capitals, as well as the growth and development of related industries in this field in the country, the need to optimize these industries and update the relevant factories Product quality and, in fact, product diversification and conversion of raw materials into value-added products. Most of the pioneers will continue to provide services to their employers more widely in various mining industries, such as these, so that Iran can to the predicted position in the perspectives defined by the indicators defined in the vision industries.

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