PARSPION - Electro Motor
An electric motor is a type of electric car that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy.
Most electric motors operate through the interaction between a magnetic field and an electric current inside a coil to generate force in the form of torque and apply it to the motor shaft. Most electric motors are rotary. But there are also linear motors.
Each rotating electric motor consists of two moving parts and an actuator; The moving part of the rotor and the fixed part, which is usually inside the motor, is also called a stator or station. In an electric motor, the rotor rotates around its axis due to the torque caused by the force generated by the magnetic field in the stator. Depending on its structure, each electric motor is powered by DC direct current or AC current.
In industrial dust collectors, different types of LV and MV electric motors are supplied from reputable brands such as Siemense, Weg, Ome, etc.

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