PARSPION - Baghouse and Bagfilter
Nowadays polluting industries are required to use dust collecting systems to observe health and safety matters and prevent air pollution. Beyond these systems, one of the most useful is "Bag filter".
The most important part of these filters are they're bags. The inlet air to the filter will be purified after passing embedded bags and in most cases ,depending on the type of dust, the air will enter the atmosphere with a efficiency of +99%. The inlet air's dust will remain on the bags and will be collected later.
Bags are divided into two categories of "woven material" and "non-woven material" depending on wove type.Woven bags have very small pores which stops dust particles rapidly. This wove pattern is rarely used because it creats a high pressure drop. Non woven bags are thicker than woven bags and are mostly used in dust collectors with jet-pulse system.The blockage of non-woven bag's pores is inevitable in high-humidity places.
A bag's life span can vary depending on pollution type, chemicals, and the amount of humidty in the inlet air. Some of the signs of bags breakage are: pollutants coming out from the stack and reduction in differential pressure.Bags obstruction will also cause an increase in the compressed air system expenses and increase in the pressure on the fan, electric motor and their temperature.
Therefore to reduce maintenance cost, proper bags will be used according to working conditions in the design stage.
The material of the fibers used in bags is different depending on their use.

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